Beach volleyball or beach cleaning? Both, sir!

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You have just arrived on the beach for your first day of vacation, (amply deserved from what we understand…). You didn’t forget anything, between the shrimp net, the fins, the snorkel and already, the blue sky and the sound of the waves invite you to a big nap on the beach… Before joining your friends for a good game of volleyball!

And there, patatrac! You receive a post from BB inviting you to read this article: 14 million tons of microplastics litter the ocean floor, according to an Australian study.

And then you realize that this huge blue mass in front of you, which has been welcoming you without moderation since your first sigh and which regales your life several times a year just by thinking about it, is becoming a big and vast garbage can that can’t take any more of you and your fellow creatures! Worse still: when you look away, you see plastic bags, all kinds of waste that are destined to reach the sea to add another layer. 

So do as the agency’s employees do: before or after beach volleyball, indulge in beach cleaning! The 3 recognized virtues of beach cleaning :

 1 – Your action has a direct impact on the preservation of the environment, starting with the beaches, then the sea bed, 

 2 – You lead by example and the best thing that can happen to you is to create vocations so that there is strength in numbers! 

3 – You have finally unstuck yourself from your towel to go and spend some time and start to honor this good resolution taken at the office in June “This summer, my friends, I’m going to have a hell of a body summer: sport, sport, and re-sport! “Don’t forget to wear gloves and to separate your waste so that it can be recycled (separate glass, cardboard and paper …)

Thank you for the planet!