Zei, a digital platform allowing companies to monitor their CSR actions!

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Zei is a very powerful digital platform for companies like Baï-Bao that want to measure their CSR approach in order to improve it constantly.

Three components are deployed within the platform itself:

  • Environmental,
  • Social,
  • Governance. 

Baï-Bao has chosen to initiate a real change in its organization by enhancing its sensitivity to environmental issues.

Together, we have defined indicators, each associated with a specific sustainable development objective (SDO). We set short- or medium-term goals to improve on a daily basis.

In addition to an efficient ergonomics, the interest of this platform is to determine relevant indicators according to each sector of activity. Forcing us to provide sustainable justification for our behavior and/or actions on a daily basis.

Moreover, as it is a question of improvement we wish to reach 100% on each of the indicators that concern us. But that means real change and we are determined to meet our goals.

In this sense, the arrival at the beginning of the year of a consultant dedicated to CSR communication consulting allows us to move forward quickly and well on the subject.

It should be noted that Zei is a simple, intuitive and totally transparent management solution for our CSR approach. From now on, you can consult our Zei profile and the progress of our CSR approach through a very explicit dashboard if you wish.

We are making the choice to make our profile public so that everyone can observe our evolution over time and the implementation of changes within our agency. Simply because it is time to take these issues into account, but also and above all to go beyond the statement of intent and move on to action.

From now on, let’s take action together!