How to manage the balance of your professional life between telework and office work?

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With the covid-19 pandemic, most employees were forced to work from home against their wishes. And since then, numerous studies have highlighted the adverse effects of this abrupt change on workers’ health.

Between full-time telework, an alternate day or a total return to the office, it is sometimes difficult to find one’s rhythm. Not to mention that companies, now obliged to decide on the subject, often have two opposing teams in their employees: the supporters of face-to-face work and the supporters of telework.

Each finding his or her own comfort level and preferred schedule based on a number of factors.

At Baï-Bao, we believe it is important to listen to our employees, as the link between personal fulfillment and professional performance has been established for quite some time!

Here are a few tips that we apply internally :

  • Set up interviews with employees in order to collect their complaints or preferences, (or even the evolution of their opinion on the face-to-face/tele-work ratio, because what was true yesterday is not necessarily true today or tomorrow),
  • Take into account the balance between the personal and professional life of each employee,
  • Hold regular meetings by division or all together, 
  • Use collaborative tools wisely in terms of schedules (especially knowing how to disconnect) and technology wisely (communication/planning, responsible consumption),
  • Finally, encourage employees to be a source of ideas, because no one has all the knowledge in the world. Collegiality, when it integrates a clear and accepted decision process, is always stronger than a single opinion, no matter how enlightened it may be, in person or by video!

Allowing your team to telework is a way to give them confidence and it is an essential element for the development of the employee.

Nowadays flexibility and listening are the keywords for the well-being of a team.

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