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23.3 billion cigarette butts  :fumeur::fumeur::fumeur: abandoned each year to their sad fate to better pollute France: in forests, on sidewalks, beaches, the Pacific Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea … and a single cigarette butt pollutes up to 500 liters of water by itself! (link : The connexion)  

Today, an information circulates as if a cigarette would take only 2 years to degrade … A rumor that is not innocent when it comes to clearing the largest number of its responsibility on the subject and convey the idea that this waste is not the one that we must worry about first. 

What nonsense! The filter of a cigarette takes 12 years to degrade completely, all environments combined, and diffuses into the water and land various chemicals that degrade the environment a little more and affect your health and that of animals. This filter is made of cellulose acetate (a kind of plastic, yes, still plastic …) which contains more than 2500 chemical components. 

So what to do? Simply be careful when disposing of your cigarette butt! Even if you don’t see an ashtray nearby and it’s always easier to crush or throw your butt on the ground, have the right attitude by buying a pocket ashtray, for example, a more durable and much cleaner solution! 

Adept at designing and printing 3D objects when they serve a purpose, Baï-Bao has decided to modestly contribute to the fight against the scourge of cigarette butts left to their own devices in our beautiful country by working on the creation of a small airtight pocket box to better extinguish and store them. It is a free initiative (as long as we are not asked for hundreds) and intended for our dear and tender stakeholders: customers, suppliers, employees, friends of friends, etc. as long as stocks last!

The project is in the prototyping phase and we will not fail to present you this product made in BB to serve you!

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PS: incidentally, there is another way to protect the planet from your cigarette butts by not approaching a cigarette from near or far but that is another debate in which we will not enter. 😊