The Baï-Bao, a humorous acronym for ‘Boîte A Idées, Boîte A Outils’ (Box of Ideas, Box of Tools), is a paradoxical being, both relaxed and spontaneous in nature and dynamic and focussed when carrying out tasks. 

Whilst there exists a large variety of Baï-Bao – big ones, even bigger ones, hairy ones, dark-haired ones…-, they are all two-legged and can be distinguished through their unconditional sharing of several values such as teamwork, the transfer of knowledge or respect for another when they have not yet seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones. 

Conscious of the need to survive in this world, at once tough and fragile, the Baï-Bao protects itself from boredom and from the future through a constant torrent of musing on a diverse range of subjects, from communications for an investment fund to a university site, not to mention a recruitment office or a luxury grocers.


Its geographic distribution varies depending on its Navigo card or remote working*, but a natural reserve exists in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, where it likes to feed on creations, developments and illuminating digressions into current trends and the disappearing seasons. 

Regularly, young specimens called beetles or padawans approach the troupe which, after several seconds of attentive, silent observation, integrates them simply and welcomingly in order to prolong this human adventure whilst giving a sense to its existence. It’s beautiful.  


* when the Baï-Bao works from home, it retains the word “work” in the phrase work from home. 

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