Because it follows more rigorous codes than before, web design is a decisive factor in the success of your site: it must translate the image and values of your business whilst just as effectively providing the visitor with as easy a navigation prospect as possible. 

Even if efficiency and ergonomics are prioritised when a visitor can leave a site as quickly as they entered it, you must offer a world which characterises you, with a clear hierarchy of information, between what you are and the desired effect for each target audience. 

To this end, all performances on your site are measured: 

  • Upstream: loading speed of pages, user tests, WWW3 conformity…
  • Downstream by Google Analytics and all the precious information it provides.

Everything is thought-out, adapted or reconsidered in order to meet the demands of your audience, since they are the ones who decide everything, and we never forget this. 




Currently, more than half of all of the world’s websites are consulted from a smartphone or tablet. And some of our clients don’t beat around the bush when it comes to redoing their website: “Mobile first!”

The responsive version of your website is therefore a strategic issue which must take into account the constraints linked to the reduction in format (above the fold, UI Design, UX Design…) to allow the visitor to complete their search with ease. If not, you will be booted from their phone or tablet in a matter of seconds.  

With Baï-Bao, a website is always full responsive and includes 3 versions – desktop, tablet and mobile – each one with its own specificities in terms of content and web design.  


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