Website: how to protect your data & guarantee a quick recovery in case of major failure?

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In consequence of the serious crisis of confidence that OVH has been experiencing since the fire in its Strasbourg datacenters last March, Octave Klaba, CEO of OVH, decreed at the end of May that automatic data backup would be free for everyone.

However, problems remain and for the past two months, major incidents in the hosting of corporate sites have been multiplying, sometimes leading to a break in the beam for several hours, or even more than 24 hours. All this with a saturated hotline and callers -reached after an hour of waiting-, having no reliable information to deliver on the reason about breakdown, its speed of recovery, etc.

For 11 years that Baï-Bao has existed, it is unheard of with this historical partner of the agency.

With this problem, Baï-Bao’s development department has decided to take the lead and is thinking about a new organization for the maintenance and hosting of its websites. The objective is twofold: to guarantee both the hosted data and an emergency resumption of the site’s activity in case of a major incident on the server, in particular by avoiding the host that is causing the problem quickly and efficiently thanks to a pre-established emergency process.

See that this protocol also has the ability of preventing the risks and consequences of a large-scale cyber attack, a growing phenomenon that can happen at any time.

If you want to know more about this solution and adapt it to your company’s site, contact us