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By definition, we don’t like to say no.

We are committed to the sustainable development of our relationships and we support our clients on a wide variety of missions. Our organization and its 4 divisions – CONSULTING, CREATION, SOCIAL MEDIA, DEVELOPMENT – are solely dedicated to this ambition. From strategic to operational, we offer a range of services and know-how that is constantly enriched to help you by achieving your projects and objectives.

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Let's discover the Baï-Bao

Unlike the Dodo, the Baï-Bao is a species in development.

Its joviality and its natural predispositions for 360° communication ensure him a certain success in society, so much so that the animal is currently booming in a very enjoyable way, and its geographical distribution now has 3 identified centers: Paris, Marseille and Barcelona. You want to see real specimens?

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Companies, foundations, universities, laboratories, banks… like a list from Prévert, our client portfolio is very diverse. With that number of universes and communication issues that renew sensations to prevent us from our worst enemy: boredom.

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