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Even if it looks great, what’s the point in having a website  if its visibility and audience remain confidential? 

By definition, a site designed by Baï-Bao is: 

  • “SEO Ready” to conform with natural referencing guidelines using the Google algorithm,
  • in line with the W3C standards to guarantee that development respects the rules,
  • equipped with the Google Analytics service in order to measure its audience with total transparency, validate our initiatives and take corrective measures where necessary. 

-> full responsive (where the web design is adapted to different viewing formats)

full responsive (where web design is adapted to different viewing formats)

Next comes work around optimisation, which relies equally on the creation of pertinent links and the regular supply of content in order to keep you up-to-date and bring your brand to life on the web, always with the view to optimise your online reputation.

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