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How best to establish a sustainable, positive link between your business and its community? By creating a strategy aiming to make you known and appreciated across all areas such as the economy of sharing, the collaborative web or social networks in general. 

In no particular order, the aims are to stir the different internet communities, master your online reputation, increase your renown and develop new business by identifying prospects and growing customer loyalty. 

If desired, we can manage your online presence over time by applying good practice dedicated to each social network: Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest…


There are at least 4.5 billion websites and blogs on the fourth planet from the sun*. To find the tiny needle that is your site in a haystack such as this, Google, which represents  90% of the market share of search engines in France has established the level of activity on your website as one of the decisive parameters for its detection and citation.  

To make yourself known and appreciated through relevant and regular discussion, we create a blog or forum for you which is added to your site and discusses the current topics surrounding your profession and company. 

Properly indexed with the right key-words, each piece of content represents one more online path to cross roads with your potential audience… whether they are regular visitors, potential customers or future clients! 

* for a more reliable and recent statistic, click here

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