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Finding the right offer at the right moment is a real strategic challenge. 

Baï-Bao supports you in creating a brand that makes you stand out; which comes directly from your DNA and will stand the test of time consistently.

By considering at the same time the market, its rules and uses, your position, your aims and your business culture, we can offer you a strategy, positioning, name and visual identity which are perfectly conceived to represent you across all aspects of communication, both today and tomorrow. 

Our methodical brainstorming sessions are always conclusive. They aim to define the language elements and graphic codes for your new brand territory.

We also advise you on how to best spread your investment between social media, a dedicated website, a print campaign… Before producing it all and spreading effective messages to your targeted audiences.

What a pretty baby; what are you going to call it?

Names of businesses, products or services, baseline… the creation process for naming your projects requires experience. A few brainstorming sessions to consider possible routes, then reducing the field of possibilities by eliminating the least suitable and identifying the right name, one which stands out just as much for its meaning as for its originality and ease of remembering. And which are clients like to call “rare gems”.

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