The importance of soft skills in business…

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At school, we learn the value of hard skills (know-how) but we often leave out the soft skills (interpersonal skills). As the job market is growing rapidly and constantly evolving, soft skills are becoming the key to integration and success for any candidate or employee wishing to evolve in a company.

Indeed, while the development of “technical” skills is becoming more accessible to the general public thanks to online courses, white papers and other digital conferences, soft skills are qualities that can hardly be learned by consulting a tutorial or an online training… They are however very relevant skills, now identified and valued by employers.

According to the 2019 edition of the Communication Jobs Barometer, the most important soft skills in an agency are: 

  • Autonomy,
  • Curiosity,
  • Team spirit,
  • Commitment,
  • Listening & attention.

At a time when the digitalization of our processes is growing, it seems important to us to keep the human being at the heart of our exchanges, because it is still and always the human being who decides the success of a project, a collaboration or a company strategy.

Thus, a human, direct and personalized contact guaranteed in any circumstance is one of the requirements of Baï-Bao to develop a sustained and constructive relationship with each customer. Hence the interest in recruiting and training “well-made” heads, for whom the 5 soft skills mentioned above have a meaning.

You seem to recognize yourself in this approach? Know that our agency, in addition to being potentially interested in any new application, loves to be surprised by a new profile, skill or sensibility. So, don’t hesitate to apply to us spontaneously, and who knows, start a new adventure together.😊