WordPress, the multi-use, multi-benefit tool!              

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WordPress is an online platform that allows you to create free and fully customizable websites. In fact, it’s just the time you spend adapting it to a project that costs, because it’s opensource software, so its code is publicly available to be modified and adapted to suit your needs.

No payment is required to use it, and hundreds of thousands of developers around the world design plug-ins every day to enrich its functionality, optimize its design, effects, security, etc.

What’s the point of using it?

You don’t have to be the Zeus or Pavaroti of coding! Simple and intuitive, WordPress is incredibly easy to use and accessible to everyone. Many pre-existing themes are already at your disposal. It is therefore possible to create your website from scratch, to modify it and to customize it as you wish.

As an example, it is possible to create:

  • A blog, a showcase or e-commerce site,
  • a social network,
  • a forum,
  • a classified ads site,
  • an online magazine,

WordPress powers today nearly 42% of the sites found on the Internet and makes sure that they are adapted to all media (computers, phones …), which is essential when we know that more than one out of two connections is made from a responsive medium.

WordPress is also recognized as one of the most efficient tools in terms of natural referencing (SEO). It allows you to make your site visible in priority during a search on the Internet, which is of major importance to increase its visibility and reputation.

To assure you

Regarding the protection of your site against malicious software, WordPress offers reinforced security with regular updates. This makes it difficult to get hacked, especially if you add plug-ins that review the site’s functionality on a regular basis as is the case with Baï-Bao.

PS : The agency’s site was created on WordPress by our teams!