Baï-Bao has integrated in the first quarter of 2021 a CSR project manager, (Elissa not to be named 🤫), in order to fulfill several missions: 

  • To actively monitor CSR and sustainable development issues in order to feed our clients’ editorial line on social networks, 
  • To help our clients integrate a CSR approach into their company or department, in consulting as well as in internal and external communication,
  • Informing and training our teams on the changes needed in our professional and personal lives every day,
  • Optimize the agency’s environmental footprint by continuously questioning its organization, its consumption, and by defining relevant performance indicators,

To have our CSR performance evaluated by a third party to define and work on its points of progress.

We all know today that the situation of the planet is critical; and that if we do not limit greenhouse gases, the consequences will be serious and unavoidable.

At its modest level, Baï-Bao wants to contribute to the ecological transition without being mistaken: The change is not and will not be immediate, but we wish to progress and cross one by one the stages bringing us closer to a certain exemplarity in terms of sustainable development. 

This is the meaning of this space: to share with you ideas, actions and initiatives in order to protect our environment and the life we wish to develop in it.

Octobre 2020

Prise en compte nécessaire
de la RSE dans la stratégie
de l'agence.

Février 2021

Création d'un poste
de responsable RSE.

Avril 2021

Charte RSE signée par l'ensemble
des collaborateurs
de l'agence.

Mai 2021

Engagement avec
la plateforme ZEI
pour mesurer et
piloter notre démarche RSE.

Juillet 2021

Actions de sensibilisations
et communication en externe
sur la RSE dans son ensemble.

Septembre 2021

Atteinte des objectifs Zei
fixés pour la rentrée scolaire
et mise en place d'un nouveau
plan d'action

Octobre 2021

Engagement avec la plateforme
GREENLY pour réaliser
notre bilan carbone RSE.

Notre partenariat avec Zei

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Visuel ZEI responsive xb


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