How does Baï-Bao build your website?

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The creation of a self-respecting website can sometimes seem complicated and time-consuming, especially in the coordination of the necessary know-how to obtain a result that meets your expectations (consulting, development, UI & UX design, SEO…). 

How does the design of your website go with Baï-Bao?

To this end, Baï-Bao offers you support through a simple process:

  • First of all, you just have to fill in our contact form on this site and briefly explain your project, your expectations, your timing…
  • Our team will then contact you and submit a form of 20 questions, no more, to move quickly and well in the definition of your site, and inform you on what it will require in time and budget,
  • The work begins with a systematic benchmark study of your sector of activity, in order to know the context in which we must create your future tool. Our team studies the websites of your competitors and the main players in your sector with a very precise prism: identify the positive points to take them into account, and the negative points to better avoid them. As the study progresses, the profile of your future website is refined, both editorially and artistically and technically, and a tree structure is created to ensure that everything is there, and in the right place! 
  • Once you have validated this work with the consulting department, the other departments (creation, development and social media) take over in order to create a graphic charter in accordance with your communication territory, to develop according to the rules of the art and to prepare the subjects of speech and key messages to be delivered on the social networks. 

And that’s how, with a simple idea/project/reality process, BB gives birth to your website… whose online launch marks the beginning of a new adventure: to exist, to be noticed by Google and all your stakeholders, another challenge that the agency can meet with you!