Trello, an essential work tool

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Are you looking for a reliable co-worker who is available H24? Here is Trello

This project management tool has become part of Baï-Bao’s daily life and has become so indispensable… that we wonder how we did it before! Easy to use, it offers an overview of all the internal or external subjects in progress as well as an agile hand on all the tasks to be done, project by project…

In short, this application serves as much for information as for action and slips into your organization with simplicity and efficiency.

From keeping schedules to managing errands, all subjects are covered and make Trello the hyper-polyvalent colleague on duty!

On a practical level, a simple invitation by email sent to your friends or colleagues is enough for them to join you on a project; And all this, for free! 

Like any application in the wind, a premium version exists with some additional features; however, its free counterpart has a set of features that make it easy for you to work. 

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