How to gain visibility on social networks?

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Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter… Social networks are today a real asset for companies to increase their visibility. Here are 4 tips to boost your reputation on these platforms!

  • Make sure your posts are relevant to your subscribers: By offering content that matches their expectations, they will tend to be more present. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself why they might like, share or comment on your post. 
  • Be more regular than stubborn! Don’t rush to post every day, it’s better to choose quality over quantity. An active account that posts regularly will tend to be more attractive than an account that posts actively for a week and then disappears. To do this, there is nothing better than to plan a posting rhythm. To help you keep a regular posting frequency on social networks, we advise you to read our article on the Swello tool.
  • Involve your community and engage with them as much as possible. Interact simply by responding to comments or private messages for example. The more you respond to your community, the more you create a bond that builds loyalty.

Increasing your interactions will also allow you to really increase your visibility (see our article “How does the Instagram algorithm work?” )

  • Finally, we advise you to use as many relevant # as possible such as geolocation or tags. With a public account, these #s can bring you a lot of money, so it is important not to neglect them!

If you want to discuss your own social media strategy, don’t hesitate to contact our team!