Facebook unveils three new Messenger features

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Since June 10, 2021, the global giant Facebook has unveiled three new features for its Messenger application. On the agenda: more personalization of your conversations, faster replies to your messages or even payment by QR code. 

New themes for your conversations :

To create its new themes, the social network drew inspiration from three news stories: 

  • In colorful tones, the first theme is dedicated to the American actress and Disney singer Olivia Rodrigo, and inspired by her first album “Sour”,
  • The second theme refers to World Oceans Day. Representing the ocean floor, it aims to promote awareness of the management and preservation of ocean resources,
  • Finally, the last theme was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Fast & Furious saga celebrated this year.

Il est cependant encore et toujours possible de choisir un autre fond de conversation parmi une multitude de thèmes : Space Jam, Pride, Planète Terre, Amour, Hivernal…

To do this, all you have to do is :

  • Get you into a conversation,
  • Click on the bar showing the name of the contact/group,
  • Click on “Theme” in the “Personalization” category,
  • Select the theme you like.

Quick Response Bar

With this feature, you can quickly and instantly respond to a photo or video: click on it, a bar at the bottom of the screen appears and allows you to respond immediately without having to return to the main conversation.

To return to the discussion, simply swipe up.

QR code to pay

Thanks to a personal QR code and some links, it is now possible to transfer money via Messenger. No need for a specific application, everything is done from the private conversation. A real time saver for all those who need to send or receive money in the world!

Note that this feature is only available in the United States for the moment; no date has been specified for its appearance in Europe.